My Monitor Lights Won't Switch Off

Motion activated lights are not only quite beautiful but they provide a great deal of safety. Sometimes, however, the motion lights just won’t turn off.

Most motion lights have a sensitivity setting which allows homeowners to customize accordingly. Your light could potentially be triggering bugs, distant cars or even heavy dust. Make sure to check the sensitivity or range settings so your lights aren’t going off at random.

Duration motion lights also have a range of five minutes to 30 minutes so if your duration is too high then you can easily switch this off. Once in a while, people will turn off the motion light’s switch and then put it back on. Your light switch could just be stuck in auto-on mode! All you need to do is cut the power for about 10 seconds and then restore the power.

You May Need a Professional If…

Although there are many reasons as to why your light isn’t working and there are several quick fixes, there is always potential for serious damage. You could have a damaged motion light fixture coming from storm damage, cold or freezing weather, age or improper installation.

Call Ryan Electrical Services if your monitor lights won’t turn off. If you’ve tried everything you possibly can to get your lights back to normal but they simply won’t switch off, our residential electrician will make sure to come in and check out the wiring. We have years of experience handling several different types of electrical issues in Pearl River NY.

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