How Can I Protect My Outdoor Outlets?

Having an outdoor outlet is absolutely phenomenal in the summer especially if you love entertaining. At Ryan Electrical Services, we have worked with numerous families in Bergen County and Pearl River who love to throw parties and barbecues in the summer. An outdoor outlet allows us to plug in those fancy fairy lights, string lights, tiki lights and so much more. By having these outlets accessible to us we can really light up our yard, add a pop of color and get all our friends talking.

What You Need to Know About Protecting Your Outlets

A majority of outdoor receptacles have weather proof covers so no moisture or dirt tampers with the outlet. You’ll want to ensure complete safety by following the tasks below.

Use GFCI outlets – The National Electrical Code requires that these outlets be used and they have a ‘WR’ imprinted on the outlet which means they are weather resistant.

Use Gasket & Cover Plate –The gasket and cover plate must be positioned on the outlet and the connection to the wall should be sealed. Moisture can penetrate the box if the incorrect mounting brackets are used. This leads to tripped breakers and melted outlets.

Invest in a Weatherproof Cover – A flip up tab makes sure your outdoor electrical outlet is protected. When it rains out you won’t have to worry about your outlet and these are now mandatory per the National Electrical code. They are also designed with deep lids and grooves so extension cords can be used.

If you find yourself in need of a residential electrician in Pearl River or Bergen County, contact Ryan Electrical Services. We have years of experience providing homes with outdoor outlet repair services. Give us a call today at (845) 513-3344!

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