Outdoor Outlet Safety

A power cable plugged into an outdoor outlet on a brick wall

Outdoor Outlet

During the Holiday season especially, you may be putting a lot of stress on your outdoor outlets. Maybe you’re trying to outdo your neighbor this year with the Christmas lights. Well, outdoor outlets are different than indoor outlets and should be treated differently. Outdoor outlets are subject to weather conditions, and often when using outdoor outlets, it is for outdoor lighting or outdoor machinery which puts even more stress on the outlet. Here are some tips to make sure your outdoor outlet will make it through the holidays safely.

Updating Outlets

Of course, you want to make sure your outlet is updated and can withstand the amount of energy your lights will require. If your home is older and you’re not sure if your outdoor outlets are up to date, give your local electrical professionals a call before lighting up the neighborhood.

Keep Outlets Clear

Outdoor outlets can easily get debris on them or even in them, make sure you have a sturdy outlet cover to prevent anything from directly reaching the outlet. Also, clear the area around the outlet, make sure there are no overgrown bushes or overhanging tree limbs around the outlet.

Use outdoor Extension Cord

Outdoor extension cords have a stronger rubber coating and are made to withstand outdoor elements, indoor cords could get easily damaged or cut which can cause serious electrical problems and hazards.

Don’t Use During the Day

If you’re using your outdoor outlet for outdoor or landscape lighting, then you do not need it on during the daytime. Avoid wasting energy by turning your lights off during the day. This will not only save energy but also dramatically reduce your electricity bill!

Outdoor Outlets just require more attention and awareness because being outdoors exposes them to more potential risk factors. If you’re not sure about the quality of your outdoor outlet or believe you may need a new one, contact Ryan Electrical Services today!

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