Are There Any Electrical Wiring Repair Services That Won't Tear Up My Walls?

While those in favor of DIY projects might be eager to start repairing wires, it’s crucial to understand the safety hazards that come withelectrical wiring repair. If you lack the proper tools and knowledge, wiring repair can be extremely dangerous. Below is a list of some electrical wiring repair services that can be done without having to open the walls.

  • Electrical Receptacles – We can easily repair wires that are connected to electrical receptacles throughout your home.
  • Light Switches – Attempting to change this on your own can lead to getting shocked. We will gladly repair wires attached to a light switch.S
  • Three-Way Switches – Most homeowners should not try to fix these themselves. It takes longer than a standard light switch and is more complex.
  • Dimmer Switches – While dimmer switches aren’t too challenging to replace on your own, most homeowners should leave this to the professionals.
  • Phone Jacks – Some people still have land lines. Our electricians will wire the phone jack for you because phone jacks use delicate wires and specialized hardware.
  • Circuit Breakers – These devices have dedicated wires connected to them and only a professional electrician should do repair and/or replacement of these items.

Whatever kind of electrical wiring you need, we are here for you. Ryan Electrical Services has years of experience providing Bergen County and Pearl River with residential electrical services.

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