How to Use a Ceiling Fan in Winter

Ceiling fans provide us with some much-needed cool air during the summer months, but they start to collect dust when the weather cools down. When it starts to get cold, there’s not much use for a ceiling fan anymore right? Well actually, there is a way to make those trusted ceiling fans useful year-round! While most of us turn on our ceiling fans in the summer, cooling us down and taking some pressure off the AC, we forget about the usefulness of the ceiling fan in the fall and winter.

Counterclockwise Spin Cools House During Summer

In the summer, fans rotate counterclockwise and push cool air downwards towards the room. This provides vital circulation of cool air when the weather is warm. The rotations produce a constant stream of air that creates a wind chill-like affect, keeping us cool and comfortable in the heat. Ceiling fans can be so effective at cooling us down that we can even turn down the AC a couple notches which of course, can save money!

How Ceiling Fans Can Heat Your Home in the Winter

When the harsh Northeast winter rolls around, and temperatures plummet, the last thing we want is more cool air flowing around the house. While we’re bundling up and cranking up the heat, our ceiling fans sit idly by, missing out on some huge potential.

Each ceiling fan has a switch up near the base, this switch will change the direction of the fans rotation.

In the summer, the fan is set to rotate counterclockwise, but in the winter, if you hit that switch, the fan blades will rotate clockwise. Now, instead of pushing air down, the fan pulls air up and redistributes it, pushing it up towards the ceiling and then down to the floor. The common adage is that heat rises, and its true! Changing the rotation of the fan will push the stagnant warm air down into the room, causing the room to stay warmer, and not wasting that heat by letting it sit unused up towards the ceiling. Again, ceiling fans can take some stress off the heating bill! Don’t let your ceiling fan lay dormant in the winter when it could be used to save money and help you stay warm!

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