Get the Most From Your Lighting

The days are getting shorter and the need for light in your home is growing larger—but what are the best practices for lighting your home?

Tips for Getting the Most From Your Lighting

Utilize daylight

It may sound like common sense, but utilizing the daylight when the sun is out will save you money and energy. By using the daylight to light your home, you’re making your home brighter than what your lamps and fixtures likely could, and in a much less harsh form.

Opening your blinds up during the day to allow sunlight in will also help you heat your home naturally, which will save you money on your heating bill in the winter!

Type of bulbs

You’ve heard of halogen incandescents and CFLs, but what do they mean for your home? Halogen incandescents are your typical lightbulbs—they can be used with dimmers and meet the minimum energy efficiency standard.

But if you want something a little more efficient, look to CFLs and LEDs. CFL bulbs are the curled lightbulbs you’ll see in stores. They use less electricity than halogen incandescents and will pay for themselves within 9 months of use. LEDs will run more expensive, but they use 20%-30% of the energy halogen incandescents use and can last anywhere from 8-25 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb.

Light your stairs

Lighting your stairs is another tip that may seem common sense, but we’ve all had slips and scares where we thought we could use more light in that area. Stairs can be dangerous, especially if you are living with young children or older adults who have a harder time with motor skills or vision. Applying lighting to your stairwell can keep you safer and can add a unique design touch to your home as well!

Ryan Electrical Services wants the best for your home and your family. We can work with indoor or outdoor lighting and we discuss the function and aesthetic of your lighting choices to ensure they are installed in a correct and timely fashion. Give us a call today and see how Ryan Electrical Services can help you brighten up your home!

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