Lighting Tips for Your Home

Lighting can make or break the feel and ambiance of a home. Warm, inviting lighting can transform your house from just a building to a place where people feel loved, cherished, and welcomed. Make your home an inviting place with the tips below!

Interior Lighting Tips

Pair Lights and Mirrors

If you want to light up a space without actually adding another light, place a mirror behind one of the lamps in your room. The mirror will magnify the light source and brighten up the room instantly. This is also a great way to make your room look bigger.

Avoid Harsh Lighting

Stay far, far away from fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights have purple/blue undertones which are hard on the eyes and will make your space feel more like a horror story than a home. Choose lights with a yellow undertone. These tend to be richer and warmer and have a much better feel overall.

Get Creative

Lighting doesn't just have to be lamps. Hang some string lights across the ceiling. Add some candles to every room. Add a decorative lantern to the living room. Take a ceramics class and craft a cool new light fixture. The more creative you are, the more unique your home will be to you and the more your guests will love your soothing lighting!

The More the Merrier

If you think that a room may need another light or two, it most definitely does. You can't have too many great lighting sources, the more the better! Investing in some gorgeous lighting will last you years to come and will absolutely ensure that every room has the cozy glow to it that you strive for.

Lighting is the best way to take your home from just okay to absolutely welcoming. Don't skimp out on this essential design element: it might be time to rethink your home’s entire lighting scheme!

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