Electrical Safety In the Home

A woman installs a lightbulb in the ceiling

We all remember those PSAs about the importance of being careful around electricity. Keep your distance from downed power lines, don’t use electronics in the bath, etc. But did you know, dangerous electricity hazards lurk all around your home? Whether your home has old wiring, too many devices for your electric panel, or you used the wrong lightbulb in a lamp, things can go wrong in an instant. Many, if not all, of these scenarios are preventable with the right attention. But what are some of the hidden dangers of electricity?

Hidden Dangers of Electricity

Bad Wiring

Bad wiring can occur for any number of reasons. It might be due to an untrained electrician installation, or it could just be old wiring that has lost its effectiveness. Even wiring that has begun to corrode could cause a threat to your home and family.

Extension Cords

An overloaded extension cord is an electrical fire waiting to happen. Minimize the number of high-voltage devices that plug into one extension cord at the same time. Unplug any appliance not being used or actively charged as a safety bonus.


Using the correct wattage light bulbs for lamps and other lighting fixtures is an important and sometimes overlooked step to electrical safety. Using a stronger wattage light bulb won’t grant you more light, but it could cause a dangerous overload to the fixture. Buy a different lamp to prevent a fire.


Covered electrical cords and wires do not have enough ventilation, and could cause a fire hazard. Let devices, cords, and wires breathe. Adding a residual current device is an excellent way to prevent in-home electrical shocks.

Water Proximity and Outlets

An outlet should never be placed directly near a source of water. Speak with a professional to move your outlets, or to determine the most ideal places for outlets in rooms where water is used, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and garage.

Electrical hazards in the home are a real threat to your family’s safety. Contact Ryan Electrical Services at (845) 513-3344 for electrical safety inspections and a wide array of electrical repair services. It just takes one phone call to make your home safer.

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