Why Is My Electricity Bill Higher?

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As a homeowner, you usually have a good idea of how much your monthly utility bills are. You plan to pay a specific amount, so it’s easy to understand the shock that comes with seeing a number much higher than you may have expected.

Unfortunately, this is something that can happen more often than people would like, and you may not know the reasons why. Typically, it’s a sign that you are experiencing some kind of problem in your home that needs to be remedied.

If you notice that your electric bill has increased over the last few months, or there has been a sudden spike in the total amount you must pay, one of these reasons below may be the culprit in your situation.


Electronics Using Energy While Off

Not everyone knows this, but there are countless appliances and electronics that use energy simply because they’re plugged in, even when they’re not in use. For instance, if you plug in your television, but never turn it on, it is still draining your home of energy.

To help fix this situation, recognize the various appliances and electronic items that can be unplugged throughout the times they’re not in use. You may find that your bill will lower as you do this more often.


Poor Home Insulation or Cracks in Doors or Windows

This is especially true in the heat of the summer when you want to use your air conditioning unit to keep your home comfortable. You may find that no matter the set temperature on the thermostat, your unit continues to run.

Unfortunately, you may have poor insulation or bad draft areas allowing your cold air to escape outside and the hot air to enter your home. This forces your air conditioner to work much harder than before to compensate for the lost air, running up your energy usage and your electric bill.


Older Appliances

As technology advances, so do the ways in which we save energy. Many of the appliances of old--no matter how reliable they may have been--often use far more energy than those of today. Today’s appliances are equipped to save homeowner’s energy.

The more older appliances you have (and the older they get year after year), the harder they have to work to accomplish their job. This means you see the costs each month on your utility bill and it may be more financially helpful to buy a newer, energy-efficient unit.


What Else Can Affect Energy Use?

One of the biggest things that goes overlooked in homes is the use of filters. In your air vents and on some of your appliances, these filters help keep many of the toxins and allergens out of your home or prevent dust buildup.

However, as these filters catch the debris, they tend to get clogged. If they are not cleaned or replaced, it stops working effectively and the appliances that rely on them have to work harder to compensate. Even worse, it can potentially become a hazard to all those in the home.

There are also some situations in which your home is just not equipped with the right equipment and it takes a top-notch electrician to help you understand what needs to be done. This is where we come in to help you.


Our Pearl River electricians are dedicated to providing exceptional service when you need it the most. Your home is your safe haven and you want to ensure that you’re doing right by it. As such, when you have any electrical problems, we’ll be there to ensure your family’s safety and keep your electrical systems working effectively over the long haul.

With Ryan Electrical Services, LLC, your satisfaction is our highest priority.

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